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Rent AC is the Go-to Source for Portable Spot Cooling Solutions in Chicagoland, Offering an Extensive Selection of Premium Air Conditioners and Cooling Equipment Tailored to Your Needs.

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Chicago's Premier Emergency Cooling Rental Service

Our mission at Rent AC revolves around delivering unparalleled portable cooling solutions meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of Chicagoland's ever-changing climate. With years of expertise under our belt, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality portable air conditioners and spot coolers. Our solutions are engineered to provide optimal comfort and temperature control, regardless of the external conditions.

We pride ourselves on offering a carefully selected product range from leading brands in the industry, including Movincool, Oceanaire, and Kwikool. These brands are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and ability to cater to the immediate cooling needs of various environments. Whether for an office, healthcare facility, school, restaurant, IT room, retail space, manufacturing area, a special event, or any emergency cooling need, our portable units are available around the clock, ensuring you receive efficient and effective service whenever needed.

Leveraging decades of industry experience, we offer competitive pricing, seamless installation services, and unparalleled portable air conditioning repairs. As Chicagoland's trusted portable cooling provider, we stand by our reputation for excellence. Rent AC is fully licensed and insured, ensuring that you receive reliable and secure cooling solutions. Opt for Rent AC for dedicated and professional portable cooling services that include the distinguished offerings of Movincool, Oceanaire, and Kwikool, ensuring your space remains comfortably cool with the best the industry has to offer.

Experience the difference with Rent AC! Say goodbye to 'drop and go' services. Our team goes above and beyond, providing a turnkey installation that ensures your complete satisfaction. From setup to operation, we're committed to getting your equipment up and running before considering the job done. Serving numerous counties in Illinois including Kane, Cook, Lake, Dupage, McHenry, DeKalb, Will, Boone, Winnebago, Kendall, Kankakee, Livingston, Iroquois, Grundy, LaSalle, Ogle, and Lee, we're your reliable partner for all your cooling needs. We also serve counties in NW Indiana and Wisconsin.

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 Commercial Rentals

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Air Cooled Portable Rentals

Tailored for a wide array of settings such as hospitals, offices, restaurants, schools, IT rooms, labs, retail spaces, banks, and manufacturing facilities. These air-cooled units excel in providing supplemental, spot, backup, emergency cooling, and moisture removal. They are designed for both temporary and permanent applications, showcasing unparalleled flexibility in meeting cooling needs across diverse environments.

Roll it into place plug in and hookup ductwork applies to the air-cooled models. Everything is true for water cooled equipment except that a water-cooled unit needs a water supply in place of ductwork. Either water can come from city water, often a sink or slop-sink, chiller or cooling tower. the water-cooled unit have 3 water lines; a supply, a return and a condensate

These deluxe units offer precision cooling control and are equipped with cutting-edge electrical/mechanical or SS digital controls. Some models have an LCDI-protected power cord for enhanced safety and have rotating and locking casters for easy mobility. A range of accessories is available to accommodate various applications and installations. The most common accessories are the "hot air duct kit" and a "condensate pump," to mention a few. The condensate pump, optional for smaller units and standard with 5-ton rentals, ensures efficient moisture removal management.

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Water Cooled Portable Rentals

Water-cooled portable rentals, suitable for a broad spectrum of cooling needs from 12,000 to 60,000 Btu/Hr, are perfect for supplemental, spot, backup cooling, or moisture removal. Their versatility makes them ideal for various settings, ensuring efficient cooling under diverse conditions. Made in the USA, these units are designed to adapt to different power requirements and operating ranges, seamlessly accommodating lower and higher ambient conditions.

Designed for convenience, these units feature easy setup—simply roll into place, connect the ductwork, plug into power, and turn on. Maintenance is straightforward with washable condenser and evaporator filters. If a condensate bucket is used, emptying the condensate bucket when full is necessary to keep the compressor running. If requested, a condensate pump can be installed, avoiding the nuisance of emptying the condensate bucket.

These water-cooled units boast the smallest footprint in their category, utilizing a single-fan motor design for space efficiency compared to their air-cooled counterparts. Safety and performance are prioritized with UL listing in the USA and Canada, LCDI-protected 10-foot power cords, and manual reset high-pressure safety switches. Enhanced mobility is provided through recessed handles with swivel casters, and various accessories are available to accommodate different hookup interfaces, ensuring a tailored cooling solution for every need.

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Heat Pump Portable Rentals

These dual-function units are perfect for a variety of needs, including supplemental heating, spot heating, backup heat, cooling, and moisture removal
. They offer a safer alternative to electric heat, with significantly more heating output than conventional electric heaters, making them ideal for diverse settings and applications.

Designed for convenience, these units feature easy setup—simply roll into place, connect the ductwork, plug into power, and turn on. Maintenance is straightforward with a washable condenser, evaporator filters, and a condensate bucket, if applicable, that is easy to empty when full, ensuring hassle-free operation.

Heat pumps or better known as dual cooling and heating units are equipped with sophisticated SS digital controls for automatic operation. A large, easily readable display, and automatic restart after power interruption are some of the many features. Safety is enhanced with an LCDI protected power cord on some models. Mobility is facilitated by swivel casters with two front locking brakes. The inclusion of a condensate bucket or pump in larger models underscores the unit's advanced functionality. Accessories are available to tailor the HP installation to meet specific needs.

Explore our wide selection of large indoor/outdoor air-cooled air conditioners tailored to meet your specific need. Contact us with details of your application, and our experts will assist you in accurately sizing the perfect rental equipment solution for your project. We offer free onsite consultations, ensuring we deliver the proper equipment the first time.

Emergency? We're Here 24/7

When urgent cooling needs arise, you can count on our 24/7 emergency service dedicated to temporary or permanent cooling solutions. We're always prepared to respond, ensuring you have access to immediate, efficient cooling whenever needed.

Serving The Midwest

Portable Cooling Rental Experts

When the scale of cooling needs expand, our industrial-grade mobile cooling units are ready to tackle the job. Designed for cooling larger spaces or entire buildings, they ensure a comfortable environment, no matter the scale of your operation.

Portable Air Conditioners:When emergency or mobile cooling is essential, our portable air conditioners step up to the plate. They're perfect for sectors like healthcare, offices, data centers, retail, etc.


Spot Coolers: Our spot coolers excel for precise, targeted cooling. Often used in industrial settings or for emergency cooling, they provide a quick and effective solution to combat heat-related challenges.

Mobile Cooling Units: When the scale of cooling needs expands, our industrial-grade mobile cooling units are ready to tackle the job. Designed to cool larger spaces or entire buildings, they ensure a comfortable environment, no matter the scale of your operation.

At Rent AC, we understand that cooling isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. That's why we offer diverse cooling solutions, ensuring that you stay comfortable, no matter the circumstances.

At Rent AC, we're not just providing air conditioners but we're creating comfortable, livable, and workable environments where people can thrive. Our cooling solutions are designed to meet various needs across different settings.

Where Our Solutions Make a Difference

  • Commercial and Retail Spaces: In the business world, the comfort of your employees and customers is paramount. Our solutions in offices, retail stores, and data centers help maintain a productive and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Industrial Applications: Our robust cooling systems can handle the challenge of more demanding environments like manufacturing plants and warehouses, ensuring safe and efficient working conditions.
  • Specialized Environments: We also cater to specific needs, such as server rooms, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, where precise temperature control is crucial for both equipment and people.
  • Event Cooling: Our portable air conditioners ensure that your special events, from elegant weddings to large corporate gatherings, remain cool and comfortable. We help make your events memorable for all the right reasons.

At Rent AC, we're dedicated to more than just temperature control; we're committed to enhancing your experience in every space you occupy. Our diverse range of cooling solutions is designed to meet the unique challenges of different environments, ensuring comfort, safety, and productivity. Trust us to keep you cool, no matter the circumstances.

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Why You Should Hire Us?

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We are fully licensed, certified, and insured

We prioritize your safety and peace of mind. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, demonstrating our dedication to providing reliable and secure services. Our track record of delivering high-quality equipment and service spans numerous years.

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Experienced Team

"Our team at Rent AC comprises seasoned professionals committed to making your experience with us outstanding. We're here to guarantee that your office or commercial space has the ideal cooling equipment, providing expert guidance and support at every stage.

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Free Estimates

Our commitment to transparency starts with providing free, no-obligation estimates. Whether you need assistance over the phone, via email, or onsite at your business location, we help you identify the equipment that best meets your requirements.

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24/7 - 365 Service

Emergencies can happen at any time. That's why we maintain a team of trained technicians available around the clock to assist you in Chicagoland. With our 24/7 service, you can count on us to be there when you need us most.

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Prompt Delivery & Pickup

We understand the urgency of having the right equipment during challenging times. Our dependable delivery and pickup team ensures you receive the equipment you need precisely when you need it.

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A+ Technical Support

Rent AC doesn't just provide equipment; we offer A+ technical support for all our products. Whether it's a portable air conditioner or a heat pump, we aim to ensure you can use the equipment safely and effectively.